Who We Are


The IBF is an Independent 501(c)(3) Charity

We believe that every donor should have access to a philanthropic platform focused entirely on improving the frequency and impact of each dollar given. We are technology-based and dedicated to Assets-in-Motion. Our platform is designed and priced to to align donors, corporations and charities around giving more.

Our platform allows philanthropists of any age or income the ability to create personal Accounts and Amplify their impact

We provide access to vehicles traditionally available to only the largest donors. No minimum initial donation, no up-front fees, no annual administrative fees. Access to a platform that provides all of the tools necessary to manage your accounts, leverage your resources, collaborate with your networks and give more efficiently.

Whether you are a corporation looking to improve your CSR efficiency or an individual establishing your own personal Foundation, the IBF has everything you need to create a comprehensive and customized giving portfolio.


Our Five Defining Principles


We Are an Independent 501(c)3 Public Charity

The IBF is not an “affiliated non- profit entity” of a large financial institution. We don’t support a specific community, geography or religious organization. The Infinity Benefit Foundation is a Sponsoring Organization built and designed to support the charitable giving activities of all its individual Account Holders. In addition, unlike most charitable Sponsoring Organizations, we adhere to a “breakeven” model of administration, directing all annual excess revenues back in direct support of our Account Holders.

We Believe All Philanthropic Solutions Should Be Accessible to All Donors

The kinds of funds our Account Holders open (also known as Donor Advised Funds or “DAFs”) were created over 75 years ago specifically to give small and mid-sized philanthropists a platform to organize their giving strategies. But somewhere along the way that philosophy was forgotten and the vast majority of today’s Sponsoring Organizations are focused on only the wealthiest of donors. We believe that the DAF is one of the most efficient and effective giving vehicles in the market today and have created a platform that is accessible to donors of any age or income. What this means is that anyone can create an account with the IBF and have access to all of the tools necessary to maximize their impact.

We Facilitate Amplified Giving

Our partnership with Givinga, Inc. allows the IBF to provide our Account Holders with unprecedented access to pools of giving capital as well as the ability to connect with other philanthropists that share their passion. Our Campaign platform allows anyone with an Account to create a cause-specific fundraising campaign and distribute it to their friends, family and social networks. Account Holders create and Givinga does the rest—from reporting to distributing to tax receipting—allowing you to focus on what matters most: Making every Grant count. In addition, our Account Holders have access to multiple pools of additional capital (we call these pools Amplifiers) to increase the total impact of the Grant.

We Follow an 'Assets in Motion' Philosophy

The IBF has created a revolutionary way of giving that focuses on granting money out to the charities that need it most versus accumulating assets in a private charitable account. The current “Asset Under Management” fee structures used by every Sponsoring Organization in the United States promote and encourage the retention of assets—at the expense of recipient charities. In contrast, the IBF and its technology partner Givinga has created the first deferred fee structure in the United States. We charge no start-up fee, no fees based on the money in your account and no fees on Account Holder money Granted directly to charity. Instead, we retain a percentage of each external dollar that is donated to a Campaign. This means no fees are paid until your money is Granted and more dollars are sent to charities.


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